familyFor over 17 years, Walsky Investment Management has been helping individuals and families invest for the future by offering professional money management services that focuses on selecting individual stocks for our clients portfolios.  Our clients know what they own, why they own it and are kept informed whenever there are any changes in their portfolio.  Our clients meet with the person selecting these investments and have a one-on-one relationship with their portfolio manager.  This enables us to customize each clients portfolio to help each client plan for the future - whether it is saving for retirement, or buying a new home.  Unlike other investment firms that offer mutual funds, ETFs and a myriad of other non-investment related products, our focus is to be a traditional money management firm that is focused on investing for our clients.

At Walsky Investment Management we offer one-on-one service and work with with each client regularly to help them manage their investments.  Our clients meet with the person making the investment decisions in their portfolios along with a professional that is available to them to answer any question that they may have about their account.  It is a level of service that has become less common in the industry, but is found each and every day at Walsky Investment Management.

To learn more how Walsky Investment Management can help you invest for the future contact us either by email, or by phone.