Investment Style

At Walsky Investment Management, Inc. our emphasis is investing for the long-term. We realize the importance of dividends which provide earnings to stockholders and at the same time minimizes downside risk. Our clients' portfolios consist mainly of common stocks of companies with consistent dividend growth. The remainder is invested in fixed income vehicles such as U.S. government bonds, corporate bonds, certificates of deposit and money market funds. We believe that this investment style affords lower risk without lowering the appreciation potential that makes common stocks attractive.

How is Walsky different from a mutual fund?

Walsky Investment Management, Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm that creates individual portfolios for each client based on his or her needs. A mutual fund, on the other hand, is a portfolio of stocks in which a group of investors mutually invest and receive shares of ownership. In addition, there are thousands of mutual funds whose management can change over time. The fees that mutual funds charge have become a concern of investor groups and investment journals that have noted the fees may be excessive. At Walsky, there is only one fee and the fee is clearly identified to the client.

The portfolios that we create are diversified and include many sectors of the U.S. large-cap equity market. Each portfolio differs in asset allocation based upon the client's requirements and risk tolerance. By managing each portfolio independently, we ensure that our clients have investments that are appropriate for them.

To create this tailored portfolio, the investor meets personally with the people managing their money and can have comfort of personally knowing those who are choosing the investments.