coachingOur firm is independent. We receive no remuneration of any kind from insurance companies, mutual funds, banks, or brokerage houses. Our clients are likewise independent, and they want to be able to pick the best tax preparer, the best attorney, the best accountant and the best investment advisor that will attend to their special needs. At Walsky Investment Management, Inc. we define personal service as having a one-on-one relationship between the client and the investment professional. It means a professional directly answers your call, and will personally handle your requests.

A Clearer Understanding of Portfolio Holdings

Our quarterly statements are easy to read and understand. They show the quantity, cost, market value and projected income for each holding, and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. For instance, we can combine all the accounts we manage for a household, including regular and retirement accounts. This makes it easier for clients to understand their holdings and how their portfolio is being managed.

Fee Schedule 

We would be happy to provide a schedule of our fees upon request.